Moore Trail Rehabilitated


May 16, 2021

Moore Trail Rehabilitation

"Mother Nature's Team" members frequently heard requests from residents who use a walker or scooter to be able to enjoy one of SVWC's nature trails. In Farley Massey's Historical Walking Tour brochure, Peggy Moore, daughter-in-law of William Lawrence, Jr., is given credit for donating gravel so that those in wheelchairs could use a section of a trail.

That portion became known as the Moore Trail. It begins across from the Shenandoah Hall entrance and opposite Teresa's Garden, loops through a section of woods, and returns to the road near the pond.

President/CEO Jeannie Shiley agreed this area should be refurbished to achieve its original goal. A quote for the work was received and included in the Property and Planning Committee's capital budget proposal for 2021, which the Trustee's Finance Committee approved.

In January, dead trees with limbs overhanging the trail were removed for safety reasons. In addition, previously fallen branches were removed, and gravel was packed on the trail to give it a firm base.

After much anticipation, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on Friday to celebrate the Grand Re-opening of Moore Trail. We wish to thank all involved in making this a reality.