Thanks to the generosity of our residents, Goff Pond has been refurbished and was celebrated this spring.

Mission of the Foundation

Our mission is to provide support for older adults and the people who care for them, and to fund programs and services dedicated to improving well-being. The Foundation was established in 2015 to nurture and cultivate the spirit of generosity at Shenandoah Valley Westminster-Canterbury and in the greater community.

As a 501(c)(3) supporting foundation, the Foundation strengthens our community’s mission through financial support and is governed by its Board of Trustees and staffed with a development office.
The Foundation’s tax ID# is: 47-4751000.

Fellowship Fund

Shenandoah Valley Westminster-Canterbury seeks to alleviate economic uncertainty for our residents by offering a lifetime of security for all. The Fellowship Fund was established to provide confidential financial assistance to qualified residents who despite careful planning and saving, find themselves in need of support.  The Fellowship Fund allows a person to continue living at Westminster-Canterbury in dignity and with grace, regardless of their financial situation. Our goal is to provide a safety net for all residents, so that no member of our community will ever be forced to relocate due to a lack of resources.

“Mom managed the Great Depression and prospered but found few controls for escalating prescription drug costs and a down turned financial world.  The generosity of Westminster-Canterbury’s Fellowship Fund allowed me to assure her, during the most fragile time of her life, that all was well.”  - Family member of a Fellowship Fund recipient

Making a Difference

Ensuring dignity, security and peace of mind. That’s what your gift to the Fellowship Fund does for each recipient. No one moves to Westminster-Canterbury expecting to run out of retirement income. However, the reversal of the economy, the shrinking value of retirement funds, unforeseen circumstances, and the uncertainty of our times all have contributed to calls for help.

Fund List

While the Fellowship Fund remains the priority and the flagship mission of the Foundation, there are several additional opportunities for philanthropy. Our mission includes seeking support for the following funds:

  • Capital Improvement
  • Chapel
  • Chaplaincy
  • Employee Emergency
  • Fellowship
  • Foundation (Non-Designated)
  • Helen Abrahamsen Employee Scholarship
  • Library
  • Lynn Shearouse Cultural Arts, which includes:
    • Art Program
    • Horticultural Therapy
    • Music Therapy
  • Memory Care
  • Mother Nature's Team
  • Nursing Healthcare Equipment
  • Woodworking

Foundation Board of Trustees Directory

Rick Eisenstaedt
Marie Imoh
Susan Kagey
Marcia Keech
Charles McWilliams
Rev. Dan McCoig

/ Corporate Board Chair / Ex-officio

Jeannie Shiley

/ President / CEO / Secretary / Ex-officio

Kathy Tagnesi

/ Chair

Duane Wernecke

/ CFO / Ex-officio

Sherry Cather Hudson

/ Foundation and Marketing Director / Staff          540-665-5923 /

Kitty Zuckerman

/ Communications and Foundation Coordinator / Staff
540-665-5915 /

Corporate Partners

Donor Testimonials

“Giving back joyfully is essential to living a grateful life.” – Mark W.

“The Lord has blessed me with life, health, skills and time, and a desire to share those blessings to touch others’ lives. I am grateful for the opportunities at SVWC, in Winchester throughout Christ Church, throughout our former church, and in missions we’ve been part of.” – Cathie R.

“Sharing makes me feel good! I was brought up to believe that sharing is required of us.” –Betty H.

“Volunteering is a calling. Serving is its own reward. I donate dollars in thankfulness for what I have received.” – Jim H.