This is Winchester

Frederick County’s finest

With Winchester, Virginia as your home base, our senior living community is surrounded by the natural beauty of the southern Appalachian Mountains and is part of a charming town that offers amazing shops, restaurants and entertainment. Old Town Winchester is alive with history, serving as a crossroads for the American Revolution, a battleground for the Civil War, and headquarters for some of our founding fathers. With Washington, DC a short car ride away, you can sightsee and take in our nation’s capital with ease – and for those with an itch to keep traveling, access to two international airports.

Shenandoah Valley

Shenandoah means “Beautiful daughter of the stars,” according to Native American legend. The word resonates in the hearts of nature-lovers, adventurers and romantics everywhere. Follow the Blue Ridge Parkway or walk the Civil War battlefields. Descend into astonishing crystalline caverns or watch the sunrise from breathtaking peaks. This is wine country and horse country, and an abundance of fishing, camping, golfing and antiquing can be pursued in every immediate direction.

“When searching for a community, top priorities for us were cultural and educational events and activities, and excellent medical staff and facilities. You can't beat Winchester for all of those!” -JoEllen S.

Shopping & Dining

Regardless of what you hold an appetite for, you can be sated by the immense offerings near our community. In Old Town Winchester alone you can experience an array of cuisines at 35 different casual and fine dining restaurants or explore the wares offered by 60 unique retail shops. Need a change of venue? Venture to Creekside Town Center and explore their equally diverse shopping and dining offerings.

Winchester view location and surrounding areas
Image Credit: C. King Photography

Arts & Culture

Sample the region’s art and culture, showcased at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley. Stroll through a 250-year-old marketplace that’s on the National Register of Historic Districts. Discover a thriving theatre community anchored by thrilling performances at Shenandoah University, Taylor Pavilion and Bright Box Theater. Or do your best to keep up with an annual calendar peppered with local festivals known for celebrating apple blossoms, Celtic traditions and the Bavarian flavors of Oktoberfest.

Winchester Medical Center

Recognized as one of the best hospitals in Virginia, we are pleased that our residents not only have access to their unusual breadth of highly touted services, but that our combined staffs are able to work in tandem to meet their needs. It’s a symbiotic relationship that is another wonderful reason to call Winchester home.

Shenandoah University

An important part of the regional landscape since 1875, our community cherishes having a higher education partner that can provide lifelong learning opportunities and extraordinary performances to our residents (and grateful staff) throughout the year. With over 200 areas of study and a densely populated calendar of events, our communal lifestyle is richly enhanced with Shenandoah University less than five miles down the road.