Total Fitness

Our residents are extremely active, so we strive to provide them all the tools needed to maintain a healthy state. How can you not feel invigorated, relaxing in our Vitality Center, swimming in our indoor pool, or unwinding with friends in our hot tub? We’ve created a state-of-the-art holistic health and wellness center, providing exercise classes and a certified staff to coach each resident toward “personal best” goals for strength, mobility, and stamina. Whether you take water aerobics, try a tai chi class, or take a walk on the treadmill on a rainy day, you’ll get individualized instruction for the right results.

Fitness Center

This top-notch facility offers fitness equipment designed specifically for seniors. You can change the weight/resistance on a machine merely by pressing your thumb, and the number of reps are displayed right at your fingertips. Residents can walk, run, lift, and stretch…it’s all there and accessible 24/7.

The Pool

Our salt-water pool is always warm whether you are taking group classes or doing laps on your own. It can also be utilized for physical therapy after an injury or surgery. The salt-water hot tub feels fabulous after a swim or just for relaxing.

Nature Trails

There are 2.5 miles of wooded walking trails that can be easily maneuvered using a trail map. Some routes are more challenging than others, so walking sticks are available at every entryway on campus. You’ll see birds, deer, and various wildlife on the trails. There is a pond where one can sit and contemplate quietly. Mother Nature’s Team keeps the trails neat and safe, plus there are benches along the way so hikers can rest periodically.

outdoor trails fitness outside couple walking