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What Our Residents Say

They’re artists and ambassadors, entrepreneurs and engineers, government leaders and teachers… You won’t find a more diverse group than our residents and residents-to-be. But they all share one thing: a deep appreciation for Winchester’s best-loved retirement community. Listen to the people who know and love Westminster-Canterbury best.

“I was involved in financial issues through my volunteer work in politics and conservation. I checked the community out thoroughly with my financial advisor and got up-to-date reports. I found that it was a very well-run organization. They knew what they were doing and had money in the bank with a professional marketing staff that kept the place full.”

– Paul Z.

“My advice? Move in now, when you’re healthy, when you can get around, meet a lot of people, be on committees.”

– Joan B.

“I say each day, ‘I’m so happy we’re here. I’ve never had it so good in my life!'”

– Sigrid M.

“They want people to be happy here. They even give you a 100% money-back guarantee.”

– Charles Z.

“Every morning when I wake up, I tell my wife how much I love this place!”

– George B.

“I don’t have any concerns, but if I did, I feel I could walk into any office and talk about it. Everybody (on the staff) is always ready to listen to you.”

– Betty Jean F.