The Memory Café is Born


January 24, 2020

Westminster-Canterbury wants to share some exciting news! SVWC will be the first in Winchester and Frederick County to start a Memory Café! You might be asking; What is a Memory Café? A Memory Café is a safe and comfortable space where care partners and their loved ones living with dementia can gather to socialize, play games, and enjoy activities together. It is not a support group, but rather a time and place for individuals living with dementia and their loved ones to experience community, laughter, and conversation with others navigating similar changes. As one organization explains, a memory café is a time to “be in the company of others who can relate without explanation, relax without feeling misunderstood and share freely without fear of judgment.” Memory Cafés are coming to life all over the U.S.

SVWC will be partnering with the Hideaway Café to offer a Memory Café for the greater Winchester and Frederick County community, starting Wednesday, February 5. The Memory Café will meet on the first Wednesday of each month from 10:30 am - 11:30 am. There is no cost to attend. The Hideaway Café is located at 141 S. Loudoun Street in Winchester. We invite you to share this information with other individuals you might know in the community who may be living with dementia. For further information, contact Donielle Palmer, Director of Resident Services, at 540-665-5916.