SVWC Receives PAC Designation!


June 2022

SVWC is the ONLY retirement community in Virginia, and one of only eleven communities in the United States to achieve the PAC designation. What is PAC? Positive Approach® to Care (PAC) is an organization created by Teepa Snow, an expert in Dementia. Teepa’s life mission is to shed a positive light on dementia. Teepa and the PAC Team share about dementia so that everyone can understand why this is happening and how to support those living with brain change in a more positive and respectful way.

To become PAC Designated, an organization has to demonstrate the work, effort, willingness, and dedication to change the culture of care for the better, using PAC skills. After years of participating in PAC training with our SVWC staff, we have achieved the "Aware" level, meaning we are aligned with the PAC philosophy and techniques for dementia care and are working to apply their skills consistently with all staff in the organization. We have a PAC Certified Independent Trainer (Donielle Palmer/Director of Resident Services) who delivers at least five hours of PAC content to all staff annually, and a PAC Certified Independent Coach who provides regular opportunities to reinforce skills. Donielle Palmer has led the charge in this effort, and we are ever grateful to her for her commitment to our residents living with Dementia.