Sculpture for the Soul Exhibit - Open to the Public


February, 2023

For the first time since Covid, SVWC will be welcoming the public to the exhibit opening of "Sculpture for the Soul" on Friday, February 24. Lynda Smith-Bugge is a wood artist who reconstructs nature into evocative abstract sculptures that have been exhibited locally and internationally in the Arts-in-Embassy program. Her commissions are located in private residences, Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroad, and the Cancer Center's meditation room at Winchester Medical Center.

Smith-Bugge was originally scheduled to exhibit in 2020 and the display was postponed indefinitely. So, the Art Committee has been anxiously awaiting the time when Lynda could share her amazing craft with SVWC's residents and guests. The show will run from February 6 through April 28, and the sculptures sell for $225 - $4,500. According to Lynda’s website, “My “undressing” of trees reveals both their beauty and their imperfections. Bringing forth rough exteriors and exploring rich hidden interiors, I shape fallen trees into works of art with spirit and structure, and timelessness. My Sculpture for the Soul unveils an ethereal world created through poetic imagination—an intuitive representation of my interpretive response to nature.” We're certain that this exhibit will be remembered for years to come!