Our Global Wall of Healing


May 2, 2020

As a voice of unity and community, the residents and employees at Shenandoah Valley Westminster-Canterbury have created Our Wall of Global Healing in a positive prayer/ response to the negativity surrounding the fear, grief, and confusion caused by the Corona Virus. The inspiration came from our ingenious Artist/Instructor, Gale Bowman-Harlow. Gale provided blank pieces of 4 x 4 card stock and asked everyone to let their creativity flow while praying for healing. Any expression was welcome, whether it be a poem, a drawing, or a cutout from a magazine. The result is sixteen framed pieces combining the prayer cards. This spiritual artwork is being shown on each floor of the residents’ halls, and being moved from floor to floor until the entire show has circulated the building.

Bowman-Harlow says, “this has been an amazing journey to complete this art piece. I have been supremely blessed to have seen every card as a unique surprise and a holy thought about healing. We have sent out our visual and spiritual art piece to raise up and promote global healing as a giant puff of clean air and one collective voice”.

We are hopeful that our Global prayers are being heard! The attached poster has all sixteen pieces collaged together. For further information, please contact Kitty Zuckerman, Marketing Communications Specialist, at 540-665-5915.