Girl Scout - for Life!


April 24, 2020

In early March (before the Corona Virus touched our area), Shenandoah Valley Westminster-Canterbury resident and original Board Member, Farley Massey, and Sue Mariotti, a Board  Member  of Westminster's  Foundation,  attended  the  President's  Circle  Dinner  in Washington, DC.  No, not for President Trump. It was actually for Girl Scouts of the Nation’s Capital.  But let’s start at the beginning...

Farley Massey was born in 1922.  At the age of 16, Farley became one of two Golden Eaglets under the Winchester Girl Scout Council. Every summer, Farley went to Girl Scout camps in New England when her Mom visited her Mother in Boston. Farley enjoyed all sorts of adventures: she climbed the Presidential Range of mountains, sailed on Martha's Vineyard, and attended the National Girl Scout Camp Andree in New York state.

In 1950 she was one of ten Girl Scouts in the country selected to be an exchange Camp Counselor in Great Britain. Farley camped with Sea Scouts at Plymouth and with Scottish Girl Guides near Edinburgh. She attended their National Training School at Fox Croft and had tea with Lady Baden Powell at Hampton Court.
Eventually, Ms. Massey became a Girl Scout professional conducting leadership training and became a Field Director with the Baltimore Girl Scout Council. Following that, she was a Girl Scout Camp Director in Alexandria.  In 1953, Farley had the opportunity to start a private camp of her own -Camp Rim Rock (in Yellow Spring, WV) which celebrates 67 years in 2020.  (Camp attendees come from an average of 18 states and nine countries.)  But that's a whole OTHER story!

Farley was thrilled to attend the President’s Circle Dinner accompanied by Mrs. Sue Mariotti, who is from Strasburg, VA, Renee Roush (Sue's daughter), and Girl Scout Maggie Roush (Renee's daughter) who reside in Hayfield, VA. The dinner is an annual event to thank donors in the region.

At the event, Maggie escorted Farley to the stage where she was recognized for her decades of service to the Girl Scout Organization, and for making a significant difference in the lives of so many young ladies. Farley was honored to be called forward and was especially   excited to be with Maggie, who has a beautiful future ahead of her thanks to dedicated mentors in Girl Scouts. The MC announced to the large audience that Farley is now 97 years old and asked her, “How have you managed to keep your enthusiasm for Scouts so long”?  Farley’s response, “cookies, it was the cookies,” brought down the house!