No risk:
Become a Future Residency Program Member

Today, we’re your country club. Tomorrow, your home.

Moving into our community may be down the road a bit, but you can jump right into the lifestyle with Priority Member Privileges right now. When you join our Future Residency Club—you can treat Shenandoah Valley Westminster-Canterbury as your private country club!

For a fully refundable deposit of $1,000, you can use our pool and fitness center, join in our activities and special events—even stay overnight! Best of all, you get to make new friends now—the wonderful people who’ll become your neighbors soon.

You’ll have a priority position for the type of residence you prefer. You have the time you need to sell your home without stress and make a comfortable transition to community life. And of course, there’s no pressure: You can opt out and get your deposit back in full at any time, just by requesting it in writing.

Join us now. Start plunging into our fun and fellowship from now on!

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