Fund List

The Foundation’s programs benefit residents and employees, as well as older adults in the greater community and those who care for them. It is the care, concern and generosity of SVWC donors that make these programs possible, as funding is solely obtained through charitable gifts from residents, families, employees, trustees, friends, businesses and foundations.

Security and Peace of Mind

While the Fellowship Fund remains the priority and the flagship mission of the Foundation, there are several additional opportunities for philanthropy. Our mission includes seeking support for the following funds:
 Capital Improvement
 Chapel
 Chaplaincy
 Memory Support
 Employee Emergency
 Helen Abrahamsen Employee Scholarship
 Fellowship
 Foundation (unrestricted)
 Garden
 General Operating
 Gift in Kind
 Library
 Lynn Shearouse Cultural Arts, which includes:
o Art Program
o Horticulture Therapy
o Music Therapy
 Mother Nature Trail
 Woodworking